Do you want to take the risk and stress out of data migration? Easy

‘What I’m Looking For’ / WILFm is a multi-threaded migration tool that allows data to be transferred between banking or financial systems. Working with any source and target system, this unique software handles the process from end-to-end providing risk-free migration management for any size of project.

What The Product Offers

  • A complete Extraction, Transformation, Load and Reconciliation process to reduce business costs.
  • Deliver projects in shorter timeframes and reduce risk by automating many manual processes.
  • Submissions are through vendor supported interfaces rather than direct database access.
  • Preview transformed data to quickly view changes and see how this affects individual, or sets of, records.
  • Extracted data can be cleansed and enhanced (formatting, calculations, lookup tables and conversions) prior to submission to the destination application data.
  • Reduce business and operational risk utilising different migration modes to validate the data mappings and rollback when complete.
  • Migrate data from multiple sources to the target application using collections of data.
  • Reconcile data from the source and target applications, to ensure data integrity and validity.
  • Use reconciliation widgets and reports to quickly identify any issues or data failures.
  • Access legacy data from source systems to ensure any regulatory or legal requirements are fulfilled in regards to client data.
  • Fully audited and provides business visibility and transparency.

How WILF Migration Works

The WILF Migration tool provides a complete, single solution, enabling a controlled environment for the full migration process to reduce risk and give clear visibility to the business.

Source Systems

Extract data directly from multiple sources including banking & accounting Systems (including T24, Avaloq, Flexcube, Bankmaster/BM+, OBS, Systematics VSAM, Aurius, Kastle, Sun Accounts), MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Postgres, XML, Delimited & Fixed length Text files, MS Excel & MS Access.


Automated, Multi-Threaded, Import routines, User Friendly GUI’s, Direct access to source systems (no intermediate files), imported into a fully relational database (either MSSQL or Oracle).


Flexible mappings allow source system data to be cleansed and enhanced, utilising Lookup tables, dependencies, defaults and conditions.


Use different migration options to load data through vendor supported interfaces. Supported banking systems include T24, Avaloq, Aurius or load via Delimited Text files.


Reconciliation of data from the source and targets applications to ensure data integrity and validity, utilising either automated or bespoke tools and reporting.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced migration risk by giving the business full control and visibility of mappings with full auditing, allowing sign-off.
  • Reduced migration risk at go-live with the repeatability of migrations in different modes and with the visibility of intended results, transformations and errors
  • Reduce costs, save time and eliminate human error with automation and consistent processes.
  • Less reliance on ‘key’ staff, or any personnel changes.
  • Migration becomes more of a business than a technical task.
  • Automated or bespoke reconciliation provides flexibility and confirms data integrity.

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