Reporting \ Bank W

Business Case

The bank was looking for a cross-department reporting solution as they were only working off the standard end-of-day Bankmaster reports. They also needed a solution to FSCS and FSA Liquidity returns. FSCS posed a significant challenge as BM+ replicated customers across the system with no direct link. The system was used to interrogate the data and build these links to give overall deposit position.


Initially used core BM+ schema with addition of bank’s user area. Users were then trained on using the software to extend the schema. FSA Liquidity returns were configured by working directly with finance department and in addition to the returns the bank also had the ability to drill down into product and individual account level.


  • Electronic record of who checked the bank’s end of day reports.
  • New Data Source - Kastle
  • FSA Reporting
  • CRDIV Submissions (COREP, AE, FP)
  • Feeding external KnowCo Liquidity system.

New Data Source - Aurius

The bank successfully migrated from BankMaster and BM+ to Aurius, using the WILF Migration Tool during February 2015. The client were pleased with the functionality provided by the WILF Reporting tool so they made the decision to extract the Aurius data into the database to maintain business continuity, with the WILF data warehouse providing the central repository for the bank's data. The ability of WILF to add new data sources allowed the smooth transition from old banking system to new, with minimal impact on other reporting. During the migration project dashboards, widgets and reports were converted to use the new data source, which allowed for additional reconciliation reporting, but also maintained the continuity of reporting for users.

Legacy & Archiving

After the successful migration from BankMaster and BM+ to Aurius, using the WILF Migration Tool, The client wanted to retain legacy data within their existing WILF database. Some of the data was already available from the original Bankmaster & BM+ migration, but this was supplemented with additional transactional information so that detailed enquiry screens could be provided that gives the bank all the legacy information needed to adhere to their legal requirements, without having to maintain a license on their old banking system.