A flexible Interfacing Tool

Fast-Fuse is a set of interfacing tools and utilities that allows integration between internet banking systems and core banking systems, like BankMaster/BM+. This allows the interaction between newer internet technologies and older core banking technologies without the requirement of replacing the core banking system.

Some older banking systems do not provide the internet functionality that customers of today expect nor do they provide the best user experience. The difficulty is interfacing the new internet banking systems with older banking systems. Fortunately Fast-Fuse provides the integration layer that allows the communication between the old and the new, but also not exposing the banking system to the internet and the outside world.

  • Can provide integration to most internet banking applications using standard or non-standard communication protocols.
  • Our banking expertise allows us to interface with your existing banking application using the recommended communication channels

What does Fast-Fuse offer?

Fast-Fuse is a configurable, extendable integration middleware solution that provides the link between one or more back-end system and multiple modern client interfaces.

  • Web-service based enquiry of customer, account and transactions provides a ‘Live’ enquiry view.
  • Uses standard WSDL for system integration. This provides a standard protocol for information exchange, although Fast-Fuse will integrate with the internet banking applications preferred method.
  • Payments processed through existing banking channels with external monitoring for immediate reporting. Ability to route to hold area whilst back-end running close of business processes.
  • User configurable multi-threaded requesters with efficient data caching for scalability.
  • Benchmarked for optimal access. Utilities for profiling and speed tests for efficiency analysis.
  • Utility allowing distinct access and authorise rights that link the core banking system Customer ID with the Internet User ID.
  • The test application simulates the internet banking application by sending web requests to the core banking system to allow analysis of responses. The profiler can stress test the interface and report performance benchmarks.
  • Fast-Fuse provides a browser based monitoring of services.
  • Already live in several banks.

Business Benefits

  • Connect a modern internet banking application to your existing core banking system to improve your customers online experience.
  • Provide online Customer, Account and Transaction ‘Live’ enquiries from your core banking system without security exposure or risk.
  • Allow your Customers to immerse themselves in the internet banking application and generate cross-selling opportunities with data being returned via Fast-Fuse.
  • No need to stay with less engaging and functionality poor offering from your existing internet banking offering as Fast-Fuse gives you the option of integrating with most modern internet banking applications.
  • Quick and easy to deploy.

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