Automatic Exchange of Information

A complete solution to create, store and analyse AEOI submissions

WILFr AEOI is a flexible application that imports data from your banking application or other data sources, allowing the generation of AEOI submissions. Data can be consolidated, validated and submitted using our flexible tools so that regulatory rules are obeyed. We work with you to provide any identification analysis or to extract the data that will allow individuals and organisations to be correctly identified.

This is a flexible solution that allows for future changes in the reporting requirements and is compliant for current returns.

Business Benefits

  • A fully automated and configurable data import process that allows data to be reviewed on a daily / weekly / monthly basis, allowing validation, data enhancement and managing account/customer rules.
  • Allows account and party data to be analysed and create submissions based on the desired report schema.
  • Generates new, variation and replacement messages with functionality to review previous submissions and identify changes.
  • Each submission is validated against HMRC’s data requirements with issues displayed for the user to correct prior to submission.
  • Indicia checking providing analysis reports for future reportable data as part of your due diligence process.
  • Data validation reporting to analyse reportable data and highlight any data formatting issues that conflict with the AEOI mandatory fields.
  • Ability to export reportable information in a business-friendly Excel format to review the data.
  • High level summaries and breakdowns of the amount of reportable accounts /parties.
  • Ability for users to maintain and configure reportable jurisdictions, report thresholds and account & party exclusions for each reportable year.
  • Assign different user roles for control over editing of details and submissions.
  • A full audit trail which captures exact data changes, time stamp and the user details.
  • We monitor and analyse AEOI reporting requirements from HMRC to ensure our solution provides an up-to-date solution.
  • A working solution that is successfully being used by clients to complete their AEOI submissions.
  • Quick to implement and a cost effective long term solution for AEOI submission, management & reporting.

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