Bankmaster and BM+

Through our extensive experience and expertise on the Bankmaster and BM+ banking platforms we have created a number of reporting, automation and integration solutions that provides missing functionality or enhances the product.

Fairmort are acknowledged as the primary source of Bankmaster and BM+ expertise in the UK. Fairmort are the only company providing solutions and tools that increases the lifespan of the Bankmaster and BM+ banking system.

BM+ Audit File Conversion Utility

BM+ audit log file unencryption tool

One of the problems faced by Banks running BM+ can be the unconstrained growth of the audit files. This can be a problem because the audit files are encrypted and only viewable within the BM+ Audit Log program. This caused one of our clients a major problem when they needed to search a specific audit log which had become too large for the BM+ Audit Log program to open and view.

This led us to create the Audit to Text utility that solves this problem by unencrypting the raw files and saving the audit log out as plain text. These files can then be archived and the BM+ Audit file deleted or cleared down without loss of the audit trail.

  • Unencrypts BM+ Audit Logs
  • Interactive or command-line driven
  • Unencrypting is performed line-by-line so no restriction on file-size

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